Management consultancy 

"Running a business isn't easy and at Cresco we understand the difficulties that can arise from a growing a business. That's why we'll help you keep on top of all of your company's operations with our management consultancy solutions"



Cresco understands that the first step in any management consultancy should be to get to know the client and the client's business. Once we have a full understanding of how your company operates and the ethos behind your business, we can start to apply analytical processes in order to identify where improvements are needed.

Once the necessary changes have been identified, we can also assist with the implementation that will be carried out with the minimum disruption to your business operations and to your staff.

Finally, once the processes and practices within your business have been adjusted, we can help you to accurately and meaningfully measure the impact of the adjustments on your efficiency and profitability, as well as the effect on your staff. Good management consultants work with staff to identify improvements that boost morale more than the imposition of 'top-down' decisions.


By identifying which changes have been successful and which have had only a minimally positive impact, we can help you to improve your business operations until they are fully optimised.

Examples of how we can help include:

• identifying and implementing 'quick wins' for improving your cash flow - cash flow is one of the most common areas with which businesses struggle. By improving your net cash flow, you can build your business in a more sustainable way.

• analysing which of your revenue streams (such as specific product ranges or services that you offer) are profitable and which are making a loss, standing still or only producing a small profit. 'Quick wins' can be had by concentrating on your successful revenue streams and eliminating the less successful ones.

• reviewing the core processes and workflows within your business and making recommendations on how they can be tweaked to improve efficiency. This could mean that the manufacturing process within a factory or the process by which customer queries are resolved. 

• identifying changes to your operations and organisation - this can involve management restructuring or changing the shifts that staff work. Such changes are usually in response to issues that have been previously identified during earlier stages of our management consultancy protocol.

• supporting you in implementing any changes identified - it's relatively easy to identify where changes need to be made, but putting those changes in place can be the tricky part. At Cresco, we work with you in project managing the adjustments and ensuring efficiency gains.

• better management of your balance sheet in order to improve your long-term cash flow.

• identifying where activities may be better served by outsourcing them or where currently outsourced activities should be carried out in-house - sometimes the reasons that certain processes have been outsourced are historical and no longer apply. Conversely, it may be more efficient to outsource certain activities, such as social media marketing or PR, to the experts.

• identifying where staff training is required - training can be needed to improve a manager's current performance or in response to management restructuring. Training can be provided by other staff members, by specialist training providers or by Cresco.


Cresco has been providing management consultancy solutions for several years. Due to this we have learnt a lot about how businesses can quickly and effectively make changes to their operations and our training workshops are the ideal way for us to share our knowledge with our clients.

You don't need to be a huge international operation to benefit from our management consultancy packages; in fact, we do a lot of our work with SMEs, particularly those that have expanded rapidly - often more rapidly than expected.

Before we make any recommendations we will spend a considerable amount of time working with you in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the services your business provides and the way in which you deliver them. Only then can we start to analyse your business and begin to compile suggestions on how to improve your efficiency and, ultimately, your bottom line.

Our experience tells us that the best way to improve the functioning of a business is to concentrate on its finances. It is vitally important that all managers have an accurate overview of the company's finances and understand how working to a budget within their particular department will ultimately benefit the business as a whole.


We offer a range of services aimed at small, medium and large companies and it's impossible to quote costs until we have a thorough understanding of the business in question. However, having said that, we are very competitively priced. 

The beauty of engaging the services of a management consultancy firm is that the cost involved should soon be recouped as the efficiency and profits of the business increase.

No matter how big or small your business and no matter what the nature of your business, Cresco will be able to help you improve its day to day operations and its revenue. Contact us today to arrange a meeting.